What is your horoscope?

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A horoscope is an astrological chart representing the positions of sun, moon and other extraterrestrial figures. Horoscope is used to provide information about present, past and future. An individual horoscope plots the moment of birth as well as with other astrological figures during the birth. This in turn is what makes our personality traits etc.

What are those symbols on that horoscope? Those are called zodiac signs

Zodiac signs

These are signs of every individual depending on the month and date of the person. There are all together 12 zodiac signs. Each sign has its own traits and strengths and weaknesses. All zodiac signs are briefly discussed below

  1. Aries (March21 – April19)

Aries are passionate, optimistic, motivated and responsible leaders. Their determination is very high on any task wheher it is small or big. But they can be of short temperament, the ability to be patient isn’t found in them. It is the first sign that kicks off the zodiac wheel. If want to know more about aries then visit https://3rbe.com/.

  • Taurus (April20 – May20)

Taurus people are reliable, patient, practical, and devoted people. They are extremely responsible and always put their responsibilities first rather than treating them as secondary. Taurus people like nature, music, cooking etc. but they are not very good in adapting changes in life and they often require ample time to get used to the changes.

  • Gemini (May21 – June20)

This sign symbolize celestial twins, this means that these people treat their work and entertainment equally and maintains a great balance between both.  These ‘twins’ figures are misunderstood as being two faced, however, these people are really an open book. They are playful with high intellect. Also they are extremely social.

  • Cancer (June21 – July22)

Represented by a crab, this symbolizes that just like a crab can fit in into dry and wet environment, these cancer people can be adjustable into any situation. Cancer people can also predict peoples’ intentions and motives just by getting a vibe off of them. These cancer people will try to do everything to protect loved ones, they are  highly fond of items with sentimental values

  • Leo (July23 – August22)

It is sign is represented by lion, which is the king of astrological jungle. Leo people are famous, or they usually have an attractive personality. Leos love to embrace their talents and don’t mind the spotlight at all. Leos are usually into creative things like theater, singing , dancing and basically performing.

  • Virgo (August23 – September22)

Virgo symbol is a goddess of agriculture. Virgos are usually very materialistic, logical practical and usually approach their problems in a systematic way. These Virgos are nice and innocent by heart. Virgos are also very attractive and beautiful physically.

  • Libra (September23 – October22)

Libras are very justice-loving people as by their symbol of a beam balance. These Libras have a nice overall balance in their life in every aspect for e.g. of work and Personality wise these are some of the most charming people ever. They are extremely friendly and shy as well.

  • Scorpio (October23 – November21)

This is another misunderstood sign, people thing of this sign as an evil sign or backstabbing sign etc., the truth however is that, these are some of the sweetest people on earth, Scorpios people are very helpful and will help you even if you are not that close to them. Scorpios are however not the best in dealing with emotions.

  • Sagittarius (November22 – December21)

These are very independent people. They are not afraid o standup for what they believe in, or are not afraid to speak their mind even if it means loosing friends. They have strong personality and courage.

  1. Capricorn (December22 – January19)

Capricorns are extremely goal oriented people. They will set their mind to a specific goal and do everything in their power to achieve that goal. They are extremely hardworking, motivated and passionate people.

  1. Aquarius (January20 – Febuary18)

Aquarians are unique. They are their own individual so theystruggles in projects which require a team work.  They are also shy and socially awkward.

  1. Pisces (February19 – March20)

These people are morally oriented. They are not likely to participate mch in stuff they believe is wrong like partying etc. Also they are very smart and creative. They use both parts of their brains equally and also have a high sense of vibes.

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