Vitamix 500 Vs 750; Who Is Better at Providing Satisfaction?

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Yeah, comparing two products of the same brand might look weird. But it’s fine. By the way, how many of you think that the new model of the same product eventually beats the previous one. It doesn’t matter how many of you think in this manner. Still, it’s a wrong perception. 

Ok, you heard it right. I said the wrong perception. I know you all must wondering to defend yourself with the fact that ‘but the new ones are always modified with advanced tech’. I agree! How about all those complaints which the users do and say that the previous one was more reliable than this new one. 

Yes, not always this is the modification of tech, along with this, other factors matter too. Anyways, here we are going to compare two models of Vitamix. But before this, let us give a disclaimer first ‘not necessarily all new models are less efficient than the previous ones. At least, in the case of Vitamix, this is the 750 version who is taking leads.’ Let’s begin the comparison now.

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Innovative design

Well, let’s be unbiased and here I would say that in terms of design both; 500 and 750 are wonderful. However, there are slight differences that marked Vitamix series 750 as best among 500. This pro 750 is 17.4 inches huge in height and is 7.7 inches extensive and weighs 12.5 lbs. 

Another difference due to which 750 has more demand in the market is that the Vitamix Pro750 is seemingly around 40% quieter in comparison to the Vitamix 500. So yes, in 750 you don’t have to confront that loud blender sound, and it’s not less than a bonus feature.

Reliability and durability 

Ok, here we will check the reliability and durability in terms of prices. Vitamix Pro 500 is $719.00 however, on the same side Vitamix Pro will cost you $749.00. I know you all must be wondering that this time, Pro 500 is about to take leads. No, we are sorry to say that its still Pro 750.

This innovative model might cost 30 bucks more but, its not less than jackpot. Yeah, its touch button, advanced machinery, and high-tech efficiency are worthy enough to spend more $30. Also, its advanced features make it more reliable durable.

Easy and convenient 

When it comes to blending foods with enough consistency, all blenders look perfect. I mean using blender for sauces, soups, smoothies, and for other purposes is fine. All blenders could assist this basic need of you.

What about the hard nuts and other stiff food items? This the phase where most of the blenders fail and some low-quality blenders even fail to function properly. But if you have Vitamix 750 then you are good to go.

We are done here. Although there are many other technical aspects that makes Pro 750 more efficient than the 500. But we only wrote general ones so that you all could get the picture easily. Feel free to apt for Vitamix 750.

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