Kia Sportage- Best Features

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KIA Sportage is considered as one of the best makes of KIA as it offers reliability, durability, comfort, safety and some modern and advanced features all in one compact SUV. 3 Features which KIA Sportage is offering are briefly defined below

  1. Panoramic sunroof
  2. Android Auto and Apple Car play
  3. UVO infotainment system
  • Panoramic sunroof

This is a movable window on the ceiling of the car. It operates through a button which is built in the Kia Sportage. Although it is a very common feature nowadays but it has many advantages. Many drivers avoid the use of AC for many reasons like they need to save up on fuel or they dislike cool air, so this is a great alternative for them as it provides natural cooling and ventilation to the car and keeps the car airy and fresh. One more advantage of this is it cancels the noise of wind, therefore, it creates less distracting than opening a window.

  • Android Auto and Apple Car Play

You can consider these as your car assistants. Android Auto has functions like maps, Waze and it also has the google voice assistant which helps the user in many ways like navigation, talk about a talking car! The best thing about Android Auto is that they update it regularly, so new roads or road names will be there on the map. With Apple Car Play, you listen to you music and audio books. Apple Car Play has the ability to call and text people without you taking your eyes off the road. Just like google voice, Apple Car Play has its Siri which can help you navigate as well. This is an advance feature available in Kia Sportage

  • UVO infotainment system

This is the infotainment system for Kia Sportage. This system has many services like Bluetooth, maps, compatibility with cell phones etc. Here are the top services that UVO infotainment system provides.

More about Kia Sportage accessories.

  1. Personal assistant tech: this service is pretty self-explanatory; it can give you important info about your trip, give you parking info and tells about the climate.
  2. Emergency services: this service has features like emergency button to contact 911 or your local police number and similar features related to emergency and safety.
  3. Infotainment Features: through this you can have access to Apple Carplay and Android Auto and enjoy various features.
  4. My Car Zone Protections: this service provides protection to the people inside by setting limited alerts like curfew alert, speed limit alert etc.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the transmission of Kia Sportage?

Kia Sportage is Automatic Transmission.

  • What is the Max Horsepower/RPM of KIA Sportage?

154 hp @ 6200 RPM.

  • What is the Engine Type of KIA Sportage?

2.0 Liter PetrolDOHC 16 Valves.

  • Is the Kia sportage spacious?

Yes it is very spacious with ample leg room for driver and passengers.

  • What is the minimum tilting radius and steering wheel type in Kia sportage?

The minimum tilting radiuses for Kia Sportage is 5.4M while the steering wheel is telescopic/tilt.

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