The Top 5 of 2020

Cleaning your Gun is a real necessity, as you never know when you will need it.  Having a jam at that time would not be an ideal situation. Here are the best 5 Guns reviewed by the audience.

Real Avid Boss Handgun Kit
Pros  Cons  
Compact and Easy to Carry AroundQuality of tools can be hindered
Secured with an internal trayRod can be weak
It is Weatherproof
Reasonably Cheap

The Real Avid is known for its sheer versatility as it is able to clean an array of pistols, including .22,. 40 and .45. With its strong Casing of Nylon, it is extremely durable and is able to withstand all types of weathers, including any heat or rain. Overall this is a really strong kit, with many good qualities, but at times the tools can be hindered.

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M-Pro 7 Tactical Pistol Bore Snake Cleaning Kit
It is Extremely CompactDoes not have all tools needed for a Tool Kit.
It is ideal for Travelling 
 Strong and Durable Components 
Really Lightweight and easily portable 

Overall, this is another very strong and popular cleaning kit.  Its lightweight and compact build allow the users to clean  their guns, while on the go.  It is highly protected with a really strong case and much like the Real Avid has the ability to clean a variety of pistols.

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit
It is a Fully Complete Cleaning KitThe Storage Box is not firm
It is Extremely AffordableHeavy
Has Quality and Reliable Components 

This is a fully complete Cleaning Kit that contains all necessary components that are created in a very robust way, so that they are able to withstand all weathers and are highly durable. The components are ensured to provide success and long term activity with really cheap rates. However, as it is on the heavy side, and doesn’t have a sturdy storage box , it gives the other Kits an edge.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit
Durable ComponentsLimited items in the Kit
Items Secured in its place 
Varied Brush Materials 

This Cleaning Kit is a real favorite amongst the audience. It is renowned for its strong durability and guarantee of tool Quality. They ensure thorough cleaning and also provide great item security with its sturdy box. Another great fact is that it is appealing is that it comes with a variety of different brushes, including Bronze, cotton and Nylon.  however, as there are limited items in the kit, this kit cannot be used in certain scenarios.

Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit
Solid and Firm RodHas Oil leaks in the box
Really LightweightExpensive

With the size of this Rod, it is able to clean a barrel the size of 10 Inches, and is a really strong a sturdy rod.  The kit is also really lightweight and can be carried everywhere. However, there have been many complaints of oil leaks, and is also on the expensive side.